4 Keys to an Incredible San Diego Bachelor Party

Feb 13, 2018 | San Diego Limo Service

Planning a San Diego Bachelor party is not a straightforward affair. It is right up there with planning space travel. There are lots of things to consider and other things that can quickly go wrong. That’s why it’s neither for a layman nor the fainthearted. You need to have the right bachelor party ideas.

Luckily for you, here is a guide on how to have that incredible party. Pay attention to what you are about to read if you want to uphold this best man duty excellently. There are four necessary things to consider when planning a great San Diego bachelor party.

  1. Where You’re Going and When
  2. Where to Stay
  3. The Guest List
  4. The Social Dynamics of your Guests

Don’t get confused now, we’ll delve a little deeper for better understanding.

Four Keys to A Great San Diego Bachelor Party

Let’s begin with the first and the most important key.

1. Where You’re Going and When

Talk to the bachelor and find out his interests, this should give you a bright idea of the destination that is ideal for him. Don’t just suggest one spot, present him with a range of options and the reasoning behind each of them.

That way, he’ll have the feeling that he’s in control while keeping him contained within the parameters that you have chosen. If the bachelor wants an international destination, that’s fine. However, you should know that this will reduce the group by at least half. You’ll be ditching broke friends and others with kids. As such, it is advisable that you pick a range of close destinations with a lot of fun activities.

The next thing you must do is pick a date. There are three things to consider when thinking of a time to pick. These are:

  • It must work for the bachelor
  • It is at least six weeks to the future
  • It does not fall during a regular holiday

Now that you have decided where your destination is and when to go, you can take the next step.

2. Where to Stay

Your options are limited to two here, a hotel or a house. The advantage of a house is that you’ll have everyone together. It makes group hangs happen organically and at a lower price. Nevertheless, you’ll have access to fun things like private pools and grills.

On the other hand, hotels give you access to in-building bars and restaurants. That’s not all, the use of a hotel spells central location. It’s a choice between city and country bachelor party.

3. The Guest List

You can’t just assume that everyone you invite will cast aside their family and work and spend three days with you. It’s your job to keep the expectation of the bachelor in check and try to keep the number as low as possible.

The ideal number for a San Diego Bachelor party is ten. If the number is higher than that, you’ll have to split up tables at bars and meals, effectively breaking the social dynamics.

4. The Social Dynamics of your Guests

Before inviting anyone to the bachelor’s party, you need to decipher the social dynamics of the group. You’ll need a full break down of the balance allegiances within the group. The bachelor can assist you with this. You need to know the people you can trust to steer the bachelor party towards the fun direction. These are the people you’ll plan the details of the party with.

Wrapping Things Up

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