6 Steps to Planning the Perfect Prom Night

Jan 16, 2018 | San Diego Limo Service

Are you in charge of planning your prom night? That’s a big responsibility. There is enough on your plate without having to plan the event itself. You are worried about getting the perfect tux or dress, who to go with, and how to get the ideal ride to prom.

This article helps you solve two of your worries in one swoop. The first being how to plan the big event.

Form a Committee

Naturally, you have to create a committee to share the workload. This takes a significant amount of pressure off you. You can call the 10-15 people committee Prom Planning Squad (PPS). The people you pick are expected to be reliable and enthusiastic about the big night.

Start by appointing a leader to oversee the whole planning process, then delegate roles to the rest of the squad. This ensures that your grand plans are easily implemented. Involve the class officers and the faculty members in the decision-making process.

Your treasurer must work with the rest of the squad to create a reasonable budget for the school to approve. The budget must be detailed while leaving a spare room for unforeseen last-minute expenses.

Decide the Date and Venue

The first decision you have to make as a committee is choosing a date for the event. The time you want must work for a large percentage of your guest. Most importantly, it must not conflict with any other school event.

The venue depends primarily on your budget. You are interested in a place that is large enough to accommodate all your guest and has a dance floor. Consider an outdoor location. After solving these issues, you must pick a theme next.

Pick Your Prom Theme

Here is the fun part of planning a prom. Your prom night will be built around whatever theme you choose. The idea can range from the conventional black-tie formal to a Carnival night. You can even consider a Masquerade Ball. Your options are unlimited, it all depends on your squads’ level of creativity.

After cutting it down to three or four themes, conduct a poll. That should solve the problem of “pleasing the masses.”

Book the Entertainment

The major highlight of any prom night is the dance. As such, a large chunk of your budget should go towards booking a great DJ or a band. Consider other alternate forms of entertainment such as aerialists, magicians and circus acts.

Having a photo booth gives your guest a take home to remind them of the fantastic night you just gave them.

Plan Your Refreshment

You must provide sufficient refreshment to keep your guests dancing away all night. If you still have enough money, hire a caterer and a bartender for refreshment that’ll match your theme. Otherwise, ask parent volunteers to provide a few sweet and salty snacks and a variety of soda.

Don’t Forget the Publicity

Your publicity should be a reflection of your prom theme. Let your tickets, posters, and invitations show it. Don’t forget to add essential details such as time and location.

Consider using emails, posters, and even t-shirts to advertise the perfect prom night.

Wrapping it Up

Now that you have resolved the issue of planning the perfect night, let’s address your transportation issue.

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As for finding the perfect date and tux or dress, we’ll let you figure it out on your own