7 Tips on Planning an Affordable Spontaneous Trip

Jan 9, 2018 | San Diego Limo Service

Occasionally, you could want to plan a spontaneous trip. Why not, you work so hard, and you deserve it. Admittedly, it is expensive but also fun and exciting. That said, some tips can make your impulse trip an affordable one.

Tips to Make Your Spontaneous Trip Affordable

Outlined below are seven tips on spending less on an impulse trip. Let’s jump right in.

Drive to Your Destination

Plan a trip that is closer to your home. That way, you’ll just drive down there. Shrinking your weekend getaway destination radius to about 300 miles ensures you use only a tank of gas. That saves you extra money to spend on meals and attractions.

Check your local and state tourism bureau to know a vacation spot close to you.

Try the Good Old Negotiation

Another method of making your last-minute trip more affordable is to negotiate. Call your travel providers to bargain a last-minute deal. It could be an unsold hotel room or an airline seat. These are revenue that can’t be recouped when the ship sails or the sun rises.

Your negotiation skill could net you the perfect deal for your spontaneous trip.

Lower Your Expectations

There is nothing wrong with booking a five-star hotel if it’s within your budget. However, a smaller rate spot saves money to do other things. What’s more, they are more likely to offer you great deals than the expensive ones.

Use a Mobile App

Many apps work with hotels around the world to bring last-minute deals to your smartphone. They offer day-off deals at an incredible discount. The app also provides you with the insight necessary to book rooms for any budget.

Just search the keyword “hotel” in the app store of your smartphone.

Use your Social Media Accounts

Follow that hotel, airline or car service on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. That means anytime there is a flash sale or a special price break, you would be the first to find out. Consequently, snapping up the deal before the general populace.

These last-minute offers can serve as a springboard for a spontaneous trip.

Choose a Friday

When picking a day to be spontaneous, consider Friday. You save a great deal of money by making your bookings on Fridays. It doesn’t matter if you are booking a hotel or a flight, you’ll get a better deal.

Saturdays tend to be busier and relatively costly.

Negotiate Even Harder

If necessary, call the hotel you intend to book to demand a better deal or a price match. Check out competitor hotels with a lower price and use it to negotiate a better price for yourself. Don’t be afraid to mention the name of the hotel or the price.

You are likely to get a better deal when you talk to the hotel directly.

On a Final Note

Planning a spontaneous trip is fun, exciting and expensive. However, the tips outlined above will help you keep the trip within your budget. So, plan that weekend getaway you deserve.

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