Alternative Ways to Travel to Avoid Catching the Coronavirus

Apr 11, 2020 | San Diego Limo Service

When the severity of COVID-19 solidified in people’s minds, the first thing that many of them did was to cancel their travel plans. In fact, due to the coronavirus panic, airlines will lose about $100 billion in expected revenue this year.

This is highly unfortunate no matter how you look at it, but it’s even sadder when you realize that most of these people could, in fact, have taken their trips. All they would have needed to do was look into alternative ways to travel.

Since you’re on this page, we assume that you are looking into alternative travel methods. So, that’s what we’re here to talk about today! Read on to learn some tips for leisure and work travel during the era of coronavirus and understand how to get around safely.

Don’t Cancel, Reschedule Instead

Before we begin, we need to talk about a sad reality: international travel and the ways that nations have been closing their borders. Even those that haven’t will impose a mandatory period of quarantine on your for approximately 14 days.

If you’ve booked a trip to another country before the coronavirus outbreak, you’re going to need to postpone your travel plans. Don’t cancel them, however! Many airlines are offering vouchers for free money towards plane tickets later in the year if you call and ask to postpone travel.

You don’t even need to select a date for travel yet. These vouchers function like gift cards that can be used anytime before the end of 2020 or an entire year, check with your airline for details.

Traveling internationally is an amazing experience that you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you choose to head to London, Paris, Tokyo, or Australia, you’re sure to find an amazing adventure ahead of you. Plus, once you get there, you can hire a private car to pick you up from the airport and take you around the city of your choice!

Choose a Safe Destination

If you’re going to travel domestically, you don’t necessarily need to cancel or reschedule. State borders are open to domestic travelers- the only reason that many people are choosing to cancel is because they don’t want to share a plane with strangers.

Here, we’re going to talk about some ways to travel that don’t necessitate this!

Get There Safely by Private Jet

We aren’t going to sugarcoat it: flying with large, commercial airlines is a poor idea right now. You simply don’t want to stuff yourself in a small space with people that could be carriers of Coronavirus.

That’s why chartering a private jet to take a domestic trip is a good idea. Not only is it much safer than commercial airlines, but it’s also affordable. With travel prices so low in general right now, you won’t need to worry too much about money when hiring a plane.

After you get off the plane, you won’t need to interact with people you don’t know, either. Hiring a vehicle to come to pick you up directly after getting off the plane is not only feasible but easy!

Do Your Research

Assuming your travel is necessary before you charter a private jet to another state, however, you may want to look into the places where coronavirus hasn’t broken out so badly yet. It’s significantly worse in some states than in other ones. While you shouldn’t be put too far at risk if you hire private transportation, you still will want to play it safe.

If you’re going to a more rural destination, this is the time to do so. Since avoiding crowded places is the thing to do these days, you’ll be almost completely out of harm’s way if you travel to a small-town or countryside destination.

This doesn’t mean that traveling to cities is necessarily a bad idea, however. You’ll just need to be a little extra careful. Head to destinations at off-peak times during the day. The mornings right when places open is usually a good bet, as is going to (non-nightlife) locations after dinnertime.

To stay safe anywhere:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer rub for 20 seconds
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze with a tissue
  • Avoid close contact with strangers by remaining 6+ feet from them
  • Take enough masks or face-covering in case things change where you land.

Private Transportation for Contained Travel

You’ll need to find a way to get around while ensuring that you come into contact with as few people as possible. Private jets are great, but what happens when you land?

That’s where we come in! Read on to learn about our vehicles that will provide you with comfortable ground travel.

A Variety of Options

When you choose our private transportation services, you’ll have a lot of different options to select from when it comes to vehicles.

A Lincoln MKT or an SUV are both amazing options if you’re traveling with a smaller group. However, if you’re going on a trip with a large group of people, we also offer different buses, supercoaches, and more that you can rent.

If you’re headed out on your business trip and need more space to keep that 6-foot rule you can also consider renting a classic black stretch limo!

Whatever you choose, our website offers another unique and interesting feature so that you can see the inside of the car you’re booking before you do so. Simply head over to this page, where you can see the many options of vehicles that you can choose from. Besides most of the vehicles, you’ll see a small button that says ‘see it in motion.’

Once you click this link, you’ll be able to see the inside of the car that you’re considering booking. You’ll glean greater insight into the way that the car runs as well as how much storage space you’ll have inside of it. This will ensure that you select the right vehicle for yourself and your party so that you can have the best possible trip.

Only Those You Know

Another benefit of taking a private car on your trip is that you won’t need to interact with people that you don’t know.

The main reason that COVID-19 spreads so quickly is that people enter into small, contained spaces with one another. Generally, this means a form of public transit.

When traveling, most people tend to hop aboard trains and buses in order to get around the state or country that they want to see. However, this is a fast and surefire way to find yourself with some nasty illnesses including coronavirus.

When you go into these spaces, you have no way of knowing what the health of those around you is like. No matter how much you may wipe down seats with alcohol wipes or sanitize your tray table, you just don’t know if the person beside you is an unwitting carrier of coronavirus.

However, when you hire a private limo, van, or bus, you’ll only be sharing the space with those that you choose to share it with. This means that you’ll know where those around you have been and if they have any preexisting health conditions.

Sanitation Around the Nation

One of your lingering concerns is likely how clean the cars that you book will be before they come to pick you up. After all, coronavirus lingers on surfaces for three days before dying! How can you be sure that your car is clean?

The good news is that our employees adhere to (and exceed the requirements of) national health regulations for cleanliness. Our professionals know all the ins and outs of disinfecting our cars so that you can feel safe and secure.

As a result, you can rest assured with the knowledge that your personal car will be thoroughly sterilized and disinfected before coming to pick you up!

Furthermore, we’ll continue to sanitize your car as you carry on with your trip. Whenever you travel from one city to another or one state to the next, we’ll ensure that the car is sterilized and sanitized once again. This will ensure that the vehicle meets your standards of cleanliness at all times so that you never need to worry about COVID-19.

A High-Class Feel

Exclusivity in and of itself feels high-class. Therefore, another benefit to only those you know being able to enter into your car is that you’re sure to feel like a VIP.

However, this is far and away not the only reason that traveling in one of our luxurious vehicles feels like a high-class experience. All of our cars are of the highest caliber. They are equipped with comfortable leather seats as well as temperature control so that you can have as positive an experience as is possible.

Additionally, our team is committed to fulfilling your individual needs and requests. This means that if you need anything while in the car in order to keep you satisfied and happy, the experienced chauffeur that is driving you around will do all in their power to get it for you.

These employees are highly professional and always on-time. They’re also more than happy to give you individualized attention when chauffeuring you to and from your destination. As a result, you’re sure to feel like an important guest as soon as you sit down in one of our cars.

One Way and Round Trip Services

As we have won the Supplier of the Year and Outstanding Connector awards from the San Diego Charter last year, you can rest assured that we will offer you the precise experience that you want to have while traveling.

This means that not only will we provide you with a high-quality vehicle, but that we will take you exactly where you need to go. If you need a one-way trip to your destination, that is something that we can provide.

However, many people also choose to book the same car for an entire trip. When this takes place, we provide round-trip services to and from where you’re staying to where you’re going.

Make sure that you enter your itinerary when booking a car so that you can get an accurate quote as to how much it will cost you. This will also help us know in advance how we can best help you to have a safe an amazing journey.

Alternative Ways to Travel to Avoid Coronavirus

While it’s tempting to cancel your trips or work-related travel plans because of coronavirus, there’s no reason that you need to do this. Instead, focus your energies on finding a safe and efficient way to get where you need to be.

Now that you know the best alternative ways to travel in order to avoid COVID-19, it’s time to start planning your trip! Click here to enter your details onto our website and get a quote as to how much hiring a car for your private travels will cost. It’s also on this page that you can finalize vehicle bookings to take the next step towards a safe and enjoyable trip.

Good luck!