Business Travel Tips, Ideas and Mistakes to Avoid

Apr 3, 2019 | San Diego Limo Service, Limousino, San Diego Airport Shuttle

Most companies in the U.S. have spent billions on business travel in the past year. That number is expected to grow since Millennials are the ones who are taking the most business trips. The following tips can help you make the most out of your business trip and avoid costly mistakes.
Here are 9 business travel tips, ideas, and mistakes to avoid.

Find Connections That Can Help With Your Trip

One key to a successful business trip is to contact experts in your industry, such as nongovernmental organizations and Rotary Club members. This can help you come up with potential solutions that can address concerns that could come arise. You should also learn to respect the culture if you’re traveling to another country. Finding connections can provide you with insight and advice that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find.

Use Simple Practices to Avoid Travel Delays

To make the most of your business trip, arrive in business-suitable attire to avoid losing your luggage. Book a hotel room that’s close enough to the next day’s meeting or conference to reduce
traffic problems. Sending a quick confirmation text message the night before can avoid problems such as having the incorrect meeting location or time.

Pack your wardrobe in a color scheme that matches your dress shoes. Not forgetting to treat all service people as human beings instead of robots is the most effective habit for a successful business trip. You’ll get the best service and more help whenever you have a question or concern.
It’ll also keep you in the best mindset, so you’re never stressed out.

Finalize Travel Arrangements After Confirming Scheduled Meetings

Some business professionals travel more than others. That’s because most types of business travel are filled with conferences and meetings, which are likely to be canceled, forgotten, or rescheduled.
It’s important to follow these three little rules when planning and scheduling business meetings.

Make it clear that you’re traveling out of state to ensure that it’s not canceled or rescheduled. Send a follow-up invitation for that meeting while you’re on the phone with the individual. If the invitation hasn’t been accepted, then assume the meeting is still off until it’s confirmed. This
process makes planning for business trips more convenient because it reduces the amount of canceled and rescheduled meetings.

Network with Potential Travel Partners at Your Destination

Make the most out of your business trips by making time for existing clients, new business meetings, and professional development programs. Before embarking on your trip consider which contacts will be in the area and plan to have dinner or lunch with them. These meetings can help you maintain relationships with existing clients as well as making connections with new business partners.

To make the most out of your business trip, find any conventions or meetups that you can attend in the area to strengthen your skills or learn a new set of skills. Being in a new environment can be a great opportunity for networking. If you look for networking opportunities in a new area,
networking will become easier.

Use Tax Deductions for Travel Travel Expenses

Many business owners and entrepreneurs spend most of their travel time working. That means they turn a potential vacation into a business trip. While it’s technically a business trip, it doesn’t mean that you should spend most of your time working. But if you spend 50% of your time working, then your trip could be tax deductible.

Almost every aspect of your business trip is tax deductible as long as the entire trip qualifies as a business trip. That should include airfare, dinner, hotel, and rental cars. Client meetings, meetings with prospects, and shareholder meetings are also tax deductible.

Bring Enough Business Cards

You can never have too many business cards. You want to make sure that you bring enough cards with you to hand out at conferences and meetings. You’ll never know when you’ll come across potential clientele when visiting businesses or franchises. You could even find yourself networking
in unlikely places such as the local market or gym.

Make Arrangements for a Networking Dinner

A networking dinner is a great idea for any business trip. This allows you to get to know your target audience and attract new leads. Have a few customers in the area you’re visiting or a potential connection within the network? Invite them to your dinner and ask them to introduce
themselves to the others.

Use this dinner as an opportunity to get to know people in the industry. Give them your business card and tell others exactly what you do without trying to pitch or sell them anything. Offer to pay for the entire meal if it fits within your budget. Your guests will be more likely to help you out if you ask for their help.

Learn How to Save on Hotel Reservations

These next two tips can prevent you from making some of the same mistakes that other business travelers have. These tips can help you save on future hotel bookings. The first thing you should do is to contact the hotel directly to book a room. They can provide you with a cheaper deal since it
allows them to save money from paying commission to a travel agent or booking site. You should always book last minute, especially after 6 p.m., since you could score an even better deal on your hotel room.

Prepare Yourself for Peak Season & Last-Minute Travelers

If you know for sure that you’ll be traveling for business, then it’s time to look further into your travel arrangements. It’s always best to book your flight as soon as you know the details of your business trip. It’s good to book your flight and hotel with your car rental since you’ll get a better deal. If you need to travel last minute, then you should be familiar with the conditions for booking a trip through a travel site.

If you are booking a trip for more than one person, then you should use a travel management site.
While this isn’t a cost-effective option, it can save you and your clients the additional expense of making last-minute travel plans. If you travel for business several times a month, registering as a business traveler will save you time in the security line.

Your business trip shouldn’t become a chore that you dread doing. Stay organized by booking a San Diego limousine a few weeks before your trip. Using a San Diego airport shuttle can assure that you’ll be dropped off at your meeting on time. Our company’s luxury and comfortable rides can make your business trip even more stress-free.