Five Ways You Will Ruin Your Comic Con and How to Avoid It

Jul 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

Five Ways You Will Ruin Your Comic Con and How to Avoid It

Sometimes it seems like every nerd’s favorite lament is that his favorite comic book series has gone mainstream, with big budget Hollywood blockbuster movies casting mere mortals, A-list celebrities though they may be, to play his favorite heroes and the likenesses of said heroes being plastered on lunchboxes marketed to children who are nowhere near sophisticated enough to appreciate the source material.  Even if you are one of the less curmudgeonly fans of comic books and the movies and TV series based on them, even if your spirit is generous enough to acknowledge that Batman, the Ninja Turtles, and their ilk are for everyone to enjoy, the crowds at Comic Con are still enough to make you frown behind your mask or grimace through your superhero makeup (

How to Avoid Hassles During Comic Con

The popularity of Comic Con is not going to diminish anytime soon.  Recent Comic Cons have drawn record crowds, and with a greater number of attendees come more hassles.  The best thing you can do is make a plan for how you will get to where you are going this year when you attend Comic Con.  Transportation in San Diego can be difficult if you do not plan ahead.  Let us explore some of the transportation options in San Diego.

Hassle #1: Public Transportation

San Diego does have affordable public transportation, but the buses and trolleys are crowded, and you might have to wait a long time (

Hassle #2: Ride-Sharing Apps

You could try calling Uber during Comic Con, but so will everyone else.  Besides, Uber and Lyft do not have the same insurance coverage that private chauffeur services do, so passengers might be concerned about safety. The regulations governing ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have too many loopholes, leaving passengers with little protection against unsafe driving, money disputes, and worse.  There have even been a few incidents of ride-sharing drivers becoming violent in the presence of passengers. Even if there are no problems with your driver, you will probably be subject to increased prices during a busy event like Comic Con.

Hassle #3: Taxis

You could try getting a taxi for Comic Con, but there are no guarantees that it will arrive in time for you to make it to the event that you have been anticipating for months.  Unlike Uber, taxis do not even let you see the route on your phone, so taking a taxi leaves you vulnerable to the driver taking a longer route in order to rack up extra charges.

Hassle #4: Your Own Car

And don’t even think about trying to drive your own car or a rental car and waste he whole day looking for parking and your whole budget paying for it.  It is no fun trying to find your way around in an unfamiliar city when your favorite star is about to take the stage across town at Comic Con.

Hassle #5: Rental Cars

The hassles of rental cars are well-known.  There is no guarantee that you will get the same car that you saw advertised when you made the reservations.  Besides, renting a car is not cheap, and you still have to pay for parking and run the risk of getting parking tickets if you can find any during comic con.

Men in Black Transportation to the Rescue

Men in Black Transportation is here to provide Comic Con transportation in San Diego with peace of mind.  We are San Diego’s most  trusted  car and limousine service provider.  Let us turn the hassle of  comic con experience into a remarkable experience that you will share for yours to come.


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