Fun Things to Do in San Diego

Sep 18, 2018 | San Diego Limo Service, San Diego Airport Shuttle

Are you wondering what fun things to do in San Diego? There are three basic things that make San Diego an ideal destination for a weekend getaway: its location on the Pacific Coast, incredibly warm climate, and a laid-back lifestyle.

If you are still not convinced, check out these five hot destinations in San Diego.

San Diego Zoo

One of the most famous zoos in the world, the San Diego Zoo is home to over 650 different species of animals. Aside from taking a day trip to the 100-acres zoo to see the animals, there are other educational programs to participate in, such as photo workshops and wildlife sleepovers.

In addition to this, there are other activities to enjoy such as a sunrise stroll around the zoo and visiting the zoo’s safari park.

Balboa Park

The San Diego Zoo is within the Balboa Park. If that’s not enough reason to visit the 1,200 acres of green space. The park is also home to other attractions such as the San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego Art Institute, the Old Globe theatre, etc.

Furthermore, there are other fun activities to enjoy such as riding a bicycle around the beautiful surrounding, picnic and walking. There are also restaurants for when you get hungry.


Speaking of food, San Diego offers some of the most diverse food in the country. You’ll find delicious Mexican eats in the city’s old town while the metropolis features hundreds of awesome restaurants and cafes.

Consider getting a hearty burger with an extra side of fries as you check out other destinations in the city.

Beaches and Surfing

If you’re looking for a San Diego destination to spend the sunny days relaxing, look no further than the beach. From the least popular Mission Beach to the ever-popular La Jolla Cove, San Diego offers various beaches with unique activities.

However, the most interesting activity which the city is known for is surfing. Consider catching a wave at Oceanside, Trestles, or Swamis.

A Vibrant Nightlife

Los Angeles has built a reputation of offering an interesting nightlife. However, San Diego is well on its way too. The city is home to awesome bars and clubs. In addition to this, there are live music venues too.

Watch the beautiful San Diego sunset while sipping a cocktail at one of the rooftop bars or beachfront bistros in the city.  Spend the rest of the night dancing away at the Gaslamp Quarter.

Delicious Wine

The city is close to some of the most awesome vineyards in the state. So, if you want a taste of some great Californian wine, consider visiting Granite Lion Cellars, Bernardo Winery, and the tasting room of 2Plank Vineyards.

On A Final Note

There are loads of fun activities to enjoy in San Diego. However, you need proper planning to enjoy the best the city has to offer. That’s why you need a proper car rental service.

Consider our San Diego car service for an excellent experience for you and your family. We have a fleet of luxurious vehicles to pick from to let you cruise the city in style. Count on our San Diego limo service to take your trip to the next level.