Fun Things to Do in San Diego

Apr 17, 2018 | San Diego Limo Service

Are you thinking of taking a trip to San Diego this spring and you are not sure of the fun and the most exciting to expect? This guide is just for you. We are going to state for you here some of the goodies you cannot afford to miss.

From the Motto of the city which is “America’s Finest City” you should start catching some signals that you are in for so many amazing things to see. Starting from the numerous world-class attractions, water sports, amusement parks, museums, theme parks and a lot more.

For you to gain access to most of the places we are going to list in this article, you will need to get the Go San Diego Card from which you could purchase tickets to places of your choice.

Outlined below are some fun things to do in San Diego

The San Diego Zoo

This zoo is located at Balboa Park, it has not less than 3,700 animals in it, out of these are over 650 species and subspecies which are displayed in artificial habitats and enclosures. This zoo also has the support of over 500,000 members of the Zoological Society for the enhancement of the conservation effort of the zoo. Some of these animals you will first see are the pandas, lions, tigers, elephants, rhinos, hippos, monkeys.

USS Midway Museum

This Museum is situated on the Harbor in downtown San Diego. This historic museum was dedicated to the U.S. military history, it was established after the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier ship was retired.

This place is also loaded with touchable stuff, ranging from the captain’s chair on the bridge which children are mostly fund of, to flip switches in the cockpits in several jets. The images and things you will see in this museum are based on true-life stories. Also, here you are free to take pictures and enjoy your visit with your family. You can gain access to this place using the Go San Diego Card.

Balboa Park

This Park is another place you cannot afford to miss out. It is also located in the downtown San Diego, it comprises of a 1,200 acre cultural and botanical park. This place has a lot of attractions that you may need to make a list of specific places you wish to visit there. You will find here, the San Diego Natural History Museum, the R.H. Reuben Fleet Science Center, the Japanese Friendship Garden, the San Diego Museum of Man, Art Museum and many more.

SeaWorld Multi-Day Ticket San Diego

If you need to get amused beyond measures, this is where you need to go, SeaWorld offers maximum fun and adventure including a multi-day ticket. It is located at Mission Bay, you will see and explore buoyant natural see-life enclosures and aquariums that have ocean fishes, freshwater fish, otters, and flying dolphins.

What a place to have so much fun during spring.

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