Graduation Party Ideas and the Best Transportation

May 21, 2019 | Limousino, San Diego Bus Charter Service, San Diego Limo Service

Graduation season is upon us all. Now is the time to celebrate that graduate in your life with a
special event to mark their impressive achievement. Getting a degree means working very hard
and being able to demonstrate many useful skills at a high level. There are lots of wonderful ways
to celebrate this transition from one stage to the next. At our company, we make it even easier to
get around with our San Diego limousine service. We offer easy, convenient and totally
comfortable San Diego car service for any destination you have in mind for the party you’d like
to give. Our services leave you in the hands of expert chauffeurs who know the area and
understand how to get around. They’ll bring you anywhere you have in mind as you throw a party
for yourself or for someone you love.

A Photo Wreath

Bring out all your old photos and create a marvelous keepsake. You probably have lots of
photographs you’ve taken over the past years as you’ve worked to head to your degree. You can
have all of your online photographs downloaded and printed out. It’s also time to bring out pictures
of other items associated with your degree or the degree your loved one has earned. Pictures of
coursework and your textbooks can be arranged in a circle on top of your favorite greenery. Have
the pictures laminated or put them in small frames on top of the wreath. In the center of the
wreath, you can place a miniature cap complete with dangling tassel. Place the grad’s name and
year of their degree on top of the cap for a showstopper.

A Major Outing

Think about a special trip that ties with the grad’s major. For example, if they majored in music,
treat everyone to a concert at a regional San Diego concert hall. Those who chose to enter the field
of veterinary medicine can have a field day at the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Here, you can
have a picnic with the grad’s friends and listen to them talk about what they’ve learned about
caring for animals. A graduate in English literature or theater might appreciate a visit to a
performance that highlights these arts. Bringing the graduate to a setting related to their major
can help them feel pleased and accomplished about their mastery of challenging and fundamental
subject matter.

Themed Party Food

Nothing makes a party fun like really great food. You want to show off your love of your favorite
grad with fabulously appropriate party treats. If you’re serving a large crowd, think about food that
is easy to hold and eat. A series of appetizers can start off the party on the right note. Use
condiments on a white plate to give a message to the grad. You can spell out congratulations using
mustard, ketchup and lots of other spices. This will create a focal point for guests to enjoy and
admire. A series of upgraded typical dorm food can bring the feast to the next level.

Take that macaroni and cheese and add in lots of seasoned seafood. For the little ones, give them
lots of things they can hold. Sliders can be done lots of different ways. Bring out the grill and give
them plenty of mini burgers and franks.

For dessert, you can also get creative. Roll out cookies in long shapes designed to resemble the
degrees the students are handed out. Wrap in black and red licorice. Dip cookies in chocolate. Top
the cookies with sprinkles in school colors and turn into cookie pops. Take cupcakes and top with
tiny graduation caps made of fondant. Add a tassel with additional fondant along the side. Carve a
bowl out of a watermelon. Place lots of chilled fruit balls made from peaches and other wonderful
summer fruit. Pare a melon. Add a face and a mortarboard on top. Place in one corner of the fruit

Bring on the Drinks

Toast the graduate in your life with wonderfully fun drinks. Start with glasses that have inspiring
messages about the grad and their degree along one side. Chill for all guests. Take large bottles of
sodas and other drinks and put new labels on them in celebration of the grad. Freeze ice in the
shape of the year of the graduation to use in drinks. Straws and napkins can carry out this theme
even further. Pull up selfies of the grad to place on the side of cups and along the wall where drinks
are being served. Invite guests to add their own selfies and make the day even more memorable.
Graduation is one of the most exciting events in a lifetime. When it comes to celebration graduation,
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