How To Decorate Your Wedding Limo

Nov 20, 2018 | San Diego Limo Service, San Diego Airport Shuttle

Are you wondering how to decorate your wedding limo? Well, consider yourself lucky. We know exactly how to do it.

A wedding is a very special event. In fact, it could be the  most memorable day of your entire life. As such, it is completely reasonable that you want  it to be perfect. But, while focusing on other arrangements, it is important not to lose sight of an essential aspect – your transportation. And if you choose a wedding limo, don’t forget to decorate it for your big event. You want a limo that looks stunning but not cheesy. In the end, you want a day that will be remembered with smiles. Guess what? You can have all that and more.

5 Tips to Help Decorate Your Wedding Limo

Play with Colors

When it comes to colors, it is known that two colors offer a better design. So, rather than mixing up multiple colours, stick with the minimal. Also, if you love flowers, let the way you decorate your wedding limo reflect your personality. Pick different colors of flowers, combine them in pairs and stick them at strategic points on the limo. Consider the following color combinations:

  • White and purple
  • Red and white
  • White and green

You can also come up with other combinations of your own.

Consider Traditional Decorations

If you and your partner are ‘old souls’ or have a sense of humor, consider scribbling ‘just married’ on the back window of your wedding limo. You can also tie cans to the back of the limo as you make your exit from the wedding venue. However, take care not to damage the limousine to avoid accruing additional costs when you return the limo. So, discuss with your limo provider representative before choosing these traditional decorations.

Flowers Are Not Compulsory

What if you can’t get flowers at the last minute? Don’t sweat it, not all wedding limos need to have flowers. You can go flowerless and use interestingly cut window stickers instead.

Another option is to use stickers that have romantic or funny quotes and arrange them in a goofy manner on the windows.

Posters are Cool too

Sticking posters on the limo is another way of creating a different look on your wedding day limo. It may seem like an overkill but you can really play around with posters. For example, corners of the poster can be decorated with flowers and ribbons. The posters should however be subtle with the color choices.

Use Ribbons

Ribbons are also great for decorating, as long as they match with the color scheme you chose. If you chose a red and white theme, attach red and white ribbons on the limo.

You can also make small bows and stick them on the vehicle’s body, on the bonnet, door handles, the trunk, to add a flare to the limo.

Wrapping Up

For your special day, consider booking our San Diego limo service for all your transportation needs on your big day. Our professional chauffeurs are guaranteed to make your wedding transportation experience fabulous. Count on our reliable San Diego limousine service to take your wedding to the next level with seamless transportation. We understand all the planning involved for weddings and we know there is no room for error. We will work above an beyond to exceed your highest expectations.