How To Make Your Business Travels More Efficient in 2019

Dec 18, 2018 | Limousino

If you are looking to increase efficiency when traveling for business, consider our top tips below. It is very easy to transform your business travels into unforgettable experiences and become more efficient even while on the road in the coming year.

Register on a Pre-check program

One way to save some time when you travel for business is by enrolling yourself in the TSA’s Pre-check program or other similar programs such as Global Entry. You will have to answer just a few simple questions and TSA will run a background check, and you will be approved as a Trusted Traveller. You will use designated lines at the airport, and you will enjoy other perks such as not having to remove your shoes, laptops, tech accessories, liquids, or belts when you go through security check. As a pre-check traveler, you will wait 5 minutes or less to go through security.

Use your frequent traveler benefits

Make sure you use your frequent traveler benefits you may have with the airline you travel the most with. Most airlines offer priority boarding once you have a certain miles balance, so you can board and get settled more quickly – and never miss out on overhead bin space! You can gain access to member business lounges which will allow you to relax or work in a more pleasant environment.

Choose your accommodation wisely

When traveling for business, choose wisely the place to stay – most of the time, hotela offering the best deals will not give you easy access to location of main interest for you. On the other hand, don’t assume that central downtown hotels are the best option. Consider the places you have to visit and the event you have to attend and choose the accommodation accordingly.

Pack light

This is the most essential tip of all. Packing light and bringing just one carry-on is the best way to save some precious time when you travel for business purposes. When you have no bag to drop you can proceed straight through security as soon as you arrive at the airport, and with the TSA Pre-check you won’t have to waste time removing various items from your bag), but you can also save some time once you land as you won’t have the frustrating wait for bags to arrive on luggage belts – and no possibility that the airline has misplaced them! Also, if you have a tight connection, bringing only a carry-on will ensure your bag won’t be missed.

Use a reliable limo service

Save precious time on your business trip to and from the airport with our reliable San Diego limo service. You don’t have to worry anymore about the stress of parking, shuttles, or public transportation. Our friendly chauffeurs will make sure that you have a comfortable, relaxing, and safe trip so you arrive at your destination ready to conquer the world.