How to Select a Charter Bus Company in San Diego

Jun 5, 2019 | San Diego Limo Service

Hiring a charter bus company to accommodate your travel needs seem challenging. When choosing a
charter bus company in San Diego, the price seems to be one essential factor that contributes to the
final purchase decision. While the price is essential, it is not the only feature that should influence your
decision. We, at MIB Transportation, encourage you to look beyond the price and take into
consideration other factors that contribute to the success of your trip, such as safety and comfort.
Whether it is for corporate trips, school excursions, or sports team, your mission is to find a safe,
affordable, and comfortable charter bus transportation solution you can always count on. We have
discussed this topic in previous blog articles, but let’s dig deeper.
Here are some key factors to consider and questions to ask when choosing a charter bus company in San
Diego and ensure you get what you want and what you pay for.

About the Charter Bus Company

How long has the company been in business?
Before contracting a charter bus company, ask the company representatives for how long they have
been in business. An established charter bus company has probably already served thousands of
customers and has a strong reputation for safety and excellent customer service. Or, on the other hand,
some companies might have a bad reputation. And there are many companies out there willing to take
your money. To make sure the company’s representatives are honest, you can ask for proof of federal,
state or provincial operating authority.
How big is the company?
Big doesn’t always mean excellent, but if you are looking for complex charter bus transportation
solutions, you should be aware that a small business may not have the full range of vehicles you need,
neither the technical and management support required to provide seamless service.

About the Fleet

How old are the charter buses?
When looking for a reliable charter bus company, the vehicles’ age is an essential factor to consider. It is
true that buses are built to run for many years, which means an older fleet is not necessarily a bad thing
if the vehicles are well-maintained and immaculately clean. To make sure about the condition of the
fleet, you can ask the company’s representative to do a site visit and see the fleet.

How large is the fleet?

When selecting a charter bus company, make sure it can provide you with vehicles in a range of sizes. It
is essential for you to know what options are available if the number of passengers changes.
What type of charter bus is suitable for your needs?
The purpose, the length of your journey, and the passengers’ special needs influence the type of charter
bus you will need for your trip. When choosing the right San Diego bus charter, make sure the company
offers vehicles with all the amenities and facilities you need – these might be: reclining seats, video, TV,
audio system, air conditioning, window shades, restroom, etc.
What about safety features?
When choosing a charter bus company, ask about safety features such as DOT (Department of
Transportation) inspection ration, driver regulations, driver background, license, and insurance.
Ask about special needs or requirements
Check if the charter bus company can accommodate any special needs if the group includes people with
disabilities, elderly or children, and if the company can provide suitable vehicles, arrange stops, and
meet unforeseen eventualities.

The People

What are the standards of chauffer training?
All chauffeurs should be licensed, trained, and competent in the vehicle and people handling. Ask about
the company’s policy in chauffeur training, drug testing, and customer care. Do not contract with a
company unable to provide evidence that they enforce and possess drug and alcohol testing programs.
Who is responsible for the driver’s accommodations?
When looking for a charter bus company, many people fail to ask this question, but it is essential and
needs to be addressed. Knowing who is responsible for what is essential to avoid awkward situations.

The Emergency Plan

Can they deal with emergencies?
Of course, we all desire our trips go off without a hitch, but sometimes the unexpected happens, and
you have to make sure the company has an emergency plan for every situation be it a road incident, or
vehicle damage.

Check it Out

Look for References
Ask for references from past and present clients who have hired the company for similar purposes.
Online reviews are a great way to discover more about the charter bus company.

MIB Transportation Makes Charter Bus Rental Easy
Our mission here, at MIB Transportation, is to provide reliable, professional and safe transportation
solutions for our clients locally and globally. We love what we do, we recognize our responsibilities
regarding our Duty of Care, and we have adopted the best practices to create a seamless travel
experience, unmatched in the industry. To offer you the best experience, we always hire the best
chauffeurs. Our fleet exceeds the highest expectations and we care about our customers’ safety and
When looking for a reliable San Diego bus charter solution, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced
team will take care of all your travel needs whether you need San Diego bus rental for a corporate
event, or for a special event, a school trip, a wine tour, or a trip to the casino. From making the
reservation to reaching your destination, we want to make sure you have a pleasant experience. You can
always count on us, no matter what day, what time, or what the occasion – we will be always there for
you to meet your highest expectations.