Important Items You Must Have in Your Wedding Limo

Mar 27, 2018 | San Diego Limo Service

The trip to (and from) your wedding destination should be an enjoyable experience. Not only is it expected to be unique, the experience is also expected to be a luxurious one. You have taken the first step by getting a wedding limo.

But that’s not enough, there are circumstances that can introduce a little stress into this important trip. However, an adequate preparation will go a long way in ensuring you have a pleasant wedding limo experience.

Items to Pack in Your Wedding Limo

Pack these items to have a stress-free ride in your wedding limo.

Make-Up Kit

You already know how important it is for you to have a makeup touch-up kit in your wedding limo. However, there are specific items you must pay special attention to. These include;

  • A Mirror
  • Chapstick
  • Eye drops
  • Hand lotion

These items are often overlooked. Yet, they are the items you are sure to need.

A Change of Clothes

As stunning as a wedding gown looks on a bride, it’s the least functional outfit you can think of. This is especially true if the gown is long. As such, it is important to pack a change of clothes if your wedding merriments include adventures which require a functional or comfortable outfit.

Even if you decide not to pack a comfortable change of clothes, do not forget to pack flat shoes. It is very important. Walking across gravel or sift grass in heels can be a difficult ordeal and flat shoes can help make it easier.

A Box of Tissue

Weddings are usually very emotional events for everyone involved. So, do not expect your wedding to be any different for you or your wedding party. Hence, you need a box of tissue to wipe your tears and still keep your make-up intact.

Better yet, make it two boxes of tissues. You’ll end up passing them around.


The nervousness and anticipation associated with your big day can leave you with a dry mouth. As such, it would be wise to pack a few bottles of water in your wedding limo to stay hydrated. Another option is to check with your wedding limo service if it’s part of the wedding limo package.

Something for the Headaches

A bad headache can ruin your perfect day. Consequently, having something to deal with the headache on your wedding limo is not a bad idea. Even if you don’t need it, someone in your bridal train probably would at some point.

A Bottle of Champagne

The best way to top off your ceremony is with a small intimate toast in your wedding limo. You’ll have your newly-wed spouse and wedding party. It’s an opportunity to create a moment that would be remembered for a long time by your family and close friends.

So, get enough glasses to go around and pop that bottle of champagne. It’s your big day and you deserve it. Moreover, champagnes taste better when you are riding a limo.

On a Final Note

Contact our San Diego car service to book our San Diego limousine and discuss the possibility of packing these important items in advance. Let us worry about getting you to (and away from) your wedding destination in style, while you focus on just looking and feeling good. It is after all your day!