Let us help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Feb 11, 2017 | Valentine's Day

With only 3 days away from Valentine’s day is already in full effect, and trust I know it could be a hassle to find the time to celebrate especially without knowing what’s going on! So as a V-day gift from me to you I will be giving you a rundown on a few things I personally believe will be perfect to set the mood to make this celebration one to remember without the hassle or stress. Whether it’s with that special someone, just you and the kids, by yourself, with the girls or fellas San Diego has something for everyone.

Hornblower Cruises – VIP Cupid Dinner Cruise

Hornblower is hosting a 4-course meal seated dinner cruise with a fully decorated yacht this Valentine’s day, a DJ playing love songs and unlimited champagne will make you dance the night away with the ultimate romantic getaway. Hurry and book before the event is sold out!

San Diego 26th Jewish Film Festival


The 27th annual Jewish Film Festival will be a great experience being that it is one of San Diego’s largest Jewish cultural events in SD with showings in 5 different locations you can find this experience close by. Over 60 different films from around the world, Celebrating life human rights & freedom of self-expression.

More Info: Lawrenence Family Jewish Community Center Jacobs Family campus

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is known as one of the finest beaches in California making this one of the perfect beaches to enjoy during Valentine’s day. A nice walk on the beach followed by a picnic would be perfect when it comes to quality time. Being that it is a beautiful neighborhood you can find amazing local eateries, people, and nightlife for you and yours.

MIB Transportation – Valentine’s Special

Driving should not be an option when it comes to Valentine’s day, so as a bonus to make the day perfect we are hosting a special for all the love birds out there. You can’t go wrong when it comes to days like this, being chauffeured in style will put the icing on the cake.

We have also added a list and sources for you were almost like a one stop shop wouldn’t you say! We are looking forward to transporting you. Don’t wait until the last minute book now!


KPBS – Valentine’s Day Events