Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Corporate Event

Feb 19, 2019 | San Diego Limo Service, Limousino

It is a big responsibility to oversee a corporate event. Many of these are planned during the holiday season or take place to celebrate a company accomplishment. Annual picnics, parties, and ceremonies are something that many employees look forward to all year. These allow coworkers to spend time together having fun instead of worrying about deadlines or projects. Many corporate events also include family members as guests. Corporate events are often very large, with hundreds of people in attendance. Follow these tips to avoid some common mistakes.


Some parties mainly consist of people eating a meal and talking to each other. It should not be assumed, however, that guests want to entertain themselves. Be sure to provide entertainment for at least part of the event.  Even a small event should have a source of entertainment. A DJ and a dance area are incredibly simple to set up and provides a perfect outlet for energetic guests and even kids. It can be a lot of fun to request songs from a specific era if most of the employees are around the same age.

Picnics, especially, need to have ample entertainment. Kids are sure to be numerous at a daytime event, especially if it is outside. Even a small backyard event at someone’s home should have a bounce house or outdoor games provided. The best way to avoid an entertainment disaster is to overestimate. Plan enough activities to keep everyone busy the entire time. You may not need them all, but it is better to be prepared. Book the DJ for an extra hour or form a committee to organize and referee relay races, for example. If reservations are necessary, start well ahead of time so you are sure to get the best band, DJ, or professional speaker.

The Food

The idea of a pot luck event always seems to come up when people are trying to save money on an event. Many people enjoy this type of meal planning. For a corporate event, however, it is best to spend the money on a caterer. It is harder to coordinate special requests when you must communicate with a large number of guests. Even with a sign-up sheet, you may end up with too many desserts and only a few entrees. If you have vegans, food allergies, or religious preferences in the group, a potluck can be a disaster.

Caterers can provide you with food ingredient lists and accommodate many special needs. You can order items without nuts if someone has a nut allergy, or at least make it known which items contain them. Some caterers even make special vegan plates as an alternative for guests that won’t eat the main dish. You just must turn in requests on time. A good catering company can make the entire event memorable.

Ask your Guests

It is not expected to include the guests in the party planning,  however, it is thoughtful to get them involved. You may not be able to please everyone, but you can get a better idea of what the employees like at their events. It is easier to make a poll and offer a few choices than to ask for original opinions. Create a few multiple-choice questions and email the poll out to everyone that is expected to attend. Ask them to choose between a few different types of food, entertainment, and locations. You can even ask about what they liked most about past events by listing a few different items that have been offered at previous parties. Most people appreciate the consideration. Let people know ahead of time what type of party it is, as well. A formal event is the perfect excuse to hire a San Diego limousine. If the event is downtown or in a remote location, you can also employ the use of an employee shuttle San Diego. This can be helpful in high traffic areas and areas with limited parking.

Corporate events are often talked about for many months after the event when they are planned properly. The annual holiday party or spring picnic may even be remembered for many years. The basics of entertainment and food should be planned far in advance. This ensures that you have the best options and time to work on details, such as food preferences. Get your employees involved, as well. Be sure to reserve your vehicles with our care service in advance. Our professional chauffeurs can help keep your night organized and your employees happy.