Rideshare vs. Private Driver: Pros and Cons

Jan 23, 2019 | Limousino, San Diego Limo Service

Transportation is a common need both in town and when you are traveling. Whether you are out having fun or working, it is often necessary to hire a driver to get where you are going. There are many options available for public transportation. You may meet at a common location to carpool with others that work in your area, call for rideshare, or hire a private driver. Sometimes budget dictates the option you must take, other times it depends what is available in the area. There are some concrete pros and cons to consider when choosing between ridesharing and a private driver.


Ridesharing is great for people who need a ride at the last minute. You may decide to go to dinner suddenly and need to get there fast, for example. You may also need to get to an impromptu business meeting within the hour. People that work for ridesharing companies use their own car and may stick to a certain area of town they are familiar with. This means there are often many drivers on standby near you. This is incredibly convenient.

There are many standards that must be met when an individual applies to work for a rideshare business. The car must be safe, legal, and clean. Many people shy away from using these groups because they are concerned, however, about the drivers. Anyone can apply to ride share. Even with precautions, you do not always know what type of person is going to pick you up.

Private Driver

A private driver can offer a lot of security for people that need to be driven to a party or business meeting. Companies that offer personal chauffeurs, such our San Diego car service, are often incredibly careful when they hire people. One poor review can be detrimental to this type of service. They may promise that you are driven around by someone that has undergone a full background check. You can often pick the type of car you want, as well. If you need something formal, you can check with a San Diego limo service to help you arrive in style.

Private drivers often cost more than ride sharing. There is a lot more effort that goes into maintaining the vehicles and training the chauffeurs. Outstanding customer service is expected from the time you are picked up until you are dropped off back at home or your hotel. The extra expense is well worth it in most cases.

Making the Choice

You may need a different type of service when you are making a quick trip, as opposed to several days of driving around on your business trip. When you have time to plan ahead, a private driver is an excellent choice. You can even make plans for a group outing by choosing a larger car or limo. If you simply need a quick ride to the movies or a last-minute meeting, rideshare may be easier to obtain. You must decide if you are out for a casual ride or if you prefer a more professional experience.

Your trip is sure to be a success when you use our car or limo service. You can match your ride to your event. A limo is perfect for proms, balls, and black-tie events. A more traditional car can be the perfect choice for arrival at your business meetings or to take you around town for some sightseeing. Different size cars are available, and our professional chauffeurs are committed to giving each customer the best service.