Road Trip Tips to Stay Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic

May 26, 2020 | Limousino

Tired of being quarantined at home due to the coronavirus?

If you’re planning to break free this summer with a road trip, you’ll still want to be careful to avoid exposure. A road trip eliminates the exposure you would have at the airport, but you’ll still come into contact with lots of surfaces other people have touched.

Travel during a pandemic isn’t what you’re used to when it comes to summer vacations. With our pandemic road trip tips in mind, you can enjoy your time on the road while reducing your risk of infection.

Keep reading to find out how to protect your family this summer.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Research the coronavirus hotspots before choosing your road trip destination. If your planned destination is experiencing a big increase in cases, you might want to choose a different spot.

Consider the type of activities you might do at the destination. A compact city where it’s tough to get away from other people could increase your risk of exposure.

Choosing a spot with nearby natural spaces, such as forests or oceans, makes it easier to keep your distance from other people.

Research the Destination

Each state is handling reopening differently. Some states are letting most businesses operate while others are slower to reopen.

Many businesses have restrictions in place, either due to state requirements or their own decisions.

Before finalizing your trip, check on the state and local regulations regarding businesses. Check on safety guidelines put in place due to coronavirus.

The attractions you want to visit might be open, but they might limit capacity. You might need to buy tickets in advance. Some businesses require everyone to wear masks.

Doing research before you go helps you prepare for operational changes that might impact your trip.

Consider Lodging Options

Staying in a hotel is a popular option, but you’re also potentially putting yourself in contact with lots of other people. You also don’t know how well the hotel is handling cleaning and disinfecting, both in guest rooms and public spaces.

Some hotels have shut down during the pandemic. Call the hotels you’re considering, both in your destination and along your driving route, to ensure they’re open and have vacancies.

Camping either in a tent or RV gives you more control over your sleeping environment. No one else will come into those areas, so you can limit exposure to outside germs.

Research campgrounds you’re considering since some of them are also closed. Some campgrounds might allow campers, but the bathroom facilities might be closed.

Another option is to stay in a vacation rental home. This option gives you more distance than a hotel since you’ll be the only one staying there.

No matter where you stay, it’s a good idea to disinfect all surfaces as soon as you arrive. Wait to bring your personal belongings into the space until you can clean it.

Pack the Essentials

Creating a thorough packing list is more important than ever. If you forget something, you’ll have to stop at a store when you arrive. That potentially exposes you to more germs.

By bringing everything you’ll need, you can limit your contact with other people and avoid stores.

Pack all of your personal needs, including toiletries and medications. Include lots of disinfecting products on your packing list, so you can sanitize surfaces throughout your trip. You might have difficulty finding those supplies while you’re on the road.

Use Restaurants Wisely

Enjoying the local cuisine is a popular part of traveling, but the pandemic might change those plans this summer.

Some states have let restaurants open for dine-in service, but the number of people allowed in the restaurant might be limited. Plan ahead to find out which restaurants are offering dine-in service if you want to sit down to a meal.

Carry-out food that you can enjoy in your hotel room or vacation rental cuts down on your interactions with other people. You can also use food delivery services, so you don’t have to go into restaurants.

Another option is bringing your own food. A vacation rental or hotel suite with a kitchenette makes this option easier. It can save you money and minimize your exposure to germs.

Disinfect Frequently

When you’re traveling, you touch lots of surfaces.

Stopping for gas is a major source of germs. The gas pumps and credit card machines are touched by lots of people throughout the day.

Going to restaurants, stores, and attractions such as museums puts you into contact with more germs because of all the frequently touched surfaces.

You can carry those germs back to your car or hotel room. Disinfecting surfaces in those areas can help kill those germs.

Disinfect the spots in your car that you touch frequently. That includes door handles inside and outside, buttons on the radio, air conditioning controls, turning signals, and gear shifters.

Disinfect in your hotel room or vacation rental regularly, too. You can bring germs into those spaces at the end of the day.

Wear Face Masks

The CDC recommends wearing face masks to prevent spreading germs. By bringing face masks along on your road trip to wear in public spaces, you’re doing your part to minimize the spread.

You might also run into businesses that require you to wear a face mask. Including face masks for everyone in your party ensures you don’t run into any problems getting into the places you plan to go.

Wash Hands Frequently

Washing your hands frequently while you travel can help you cut down on your exposure to germs. To wash your hands effectively, lather up plenty of soap and scrub all parts of your hands for at least 20 seconds. Don’t forget the areas between your fingers and around your fingernails.

Wash your hands anytime you touch a shared surface, such as gas pumps, credit card machines, or door handles.

If you can’t wash your hands with soap and water, you can use a hand sanitizer that’s alcohol-based until you can wash your hands.

Follow Our Road Trip Tips

With these pandemic road trip tips in mind, you can increase your safety while you head out for your summer vacation. Using the same safety procedures as you use at home and limiting exposure to other people can help.

If San Diego is your road trip destination, explore our transportation services. Once you get here, we can help you explore the region safely.