What To Look for When Selecting a Wedding Shuttle Service in San Diego

May 7, 2019 | San Diego Bus Charter Service, San Diego Limo Service

When you’re renting a limousine or party bus for your wedding day, you want the best wedding shuttle service possible. Not only do you want the best transportation, but you also want the best service. There’s a lot of work involved with booking the right kind of transportation. These tips will help you choose the right limousine or party bus for your big day.

Find Out the Capacity

Before you book any bus or limo, you should find out the capacity. A party bus should have enough room for a certain number of passengers, but there will be people who decide to come to your wedding at the last minute. Or, they bring additional guests. Before you choose the method of transportation, find out the maximum number of passengers who will be riding.

Wedding Shuttle Service in San Diego

Choose a bus that provides room for more than your maximum amount. This will provide enough room for last-minute and extra guests. You may have to cancel your contract if you try to squeeze more people on the bus than what’s allowed.

Tour the Vehicle in Person

You should never book a bus without seeing it in person. The only exception to this matter is if you’ve rented a bus before and trust the company. While viewing pictures online is great, you may not be renting the exact bus that’s pictured on the website. Trustworthy companies allow you to tour the bus before renting it out for your wedding.

Get a Contract With The Wedding Shuttle Service

As with anything else in life, it’s essential to get everything in writing. Always ask for a written contract that lists every fee. The last thing you want is a surprise bill with hidden fees after you’ve already made a commitment. Renting a party bus doesn’t have to be expensive. Ask for a quote in advance, so you know what to pay and you won’t have any surprises that will ruin your big day.

Book the Ride in Person

Have you ever booked transportation online only to be disappointed by the ride that shows up? You don’t want this oversight to occur on your big day. Research the various limousine companies online and read reviews. But you should book your ride in person, so you know it’s exactly what you’re getting.

You’ll know which car you and your party will be riding in. Or, you’ll at least see a similar version. This prevents an unexpected surprise by making sure the bus is in great condition before making a deposit.

Wedding Transportation Shuttles

Book the Bus Well in Advance

Once you’ve toured the bus and received a quote, it’s time to book it. It’s important to book your transportation for six months in advance. This is crucial if you’ve decided on a wedding date, party size, and ceremony and reception venues. If you’re getting married during a busy season, book your transportation accommodations even earlier.

Nine months is ideal if you’re booking around graduation, prom, or wedding season. This is also the case if you want an antique car, which is often in limited quantity compared to your typical party bus or limousine.

Divide Costs in Advance

While booking your transportation in advance, you should also divide the costs of your wedding party. It’s important to get this situated well in advance so you don’t have to worry about paying it by yourself. Since most limousine companies demand an upfront payment in full, it’s important to be prepared. If you’re dividing costs, receiving the money in advance before the final payment is due will ensure that you’re not being ripped off by your friends.

Learn the Alcohol Laws

If you’re renting a wedding shuttle service for anyone under the age of 21 and want to offer alcohol to those 21 and older, then you’ll need a designated chaperone that’s provided by the limousine company. This chaperone ensures that no minors drink alcohol. This might be included with the contract and will be provided a few days before the wedding.

While this law mainly applies to those in California, it’s important to check your state laws as well when hiring a wedding shuttle service. Some states require the chauffeurs to return to the original location immediately and end the contract if any underage drinking occurs.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Renting a limousine or party bus for your wedding shuttle service is expensive. But if you split the costs among your party, it’s an affordable way to arrive at your wedding in style. This doesn’t mean that you should rent a few cheap buses. Cheap sometimes means that it’s old or run down. It can also refer to the level of service you receive.

While a high-quality wedding shuttle service party bus costs more, you’ll receive luxury accommodations such as custom light, an excellent sound system, roomy interiors, spacious seating, and more. If you hire the right company, then you’ll get plenty of these high-end accommodations without the expensive costs and hidden fees.

Wedding Party Buses in San Diego

Give Attendants a Ride

While your wedding party is responsible for providing their own wedding shuttle service or transportation to the ceremony and reception areas, you should treat them to transportation on the day of your wedding. If you’re not traveling with them, offer a separate vehicle that brings them to both venues. When the reception is done, the entire wedding party can pile into a party bus or guest shuttle and head back to a nearby hotel.

Don’t Leave Your Guests Stranded

At the end of the night, you want to make sure that none of your guests are left behind. You don’t have to worry about someone being left behind or walking around an unfamiliar city when you hire a wedding shuttle service. A guest shuttle or party bus that can hold up to 60 passengers or more can solve this problem. Or, you can take the extra steps to find the right wedding shuttle service that fits your wedding party. For example, you can book a double-decker bus for a city trip.

When you plan your wedding shuttle service, renting a San Diego bus charter is the ideal solution. The chauffeurs at our San Diego car service will pick up everyone and transport them safely. No one will miss out on the wedding because they receive a safe and comfortable drive. Our San Diego wedding transportation service the kind of service every bride and groom want to experience – our professional chauffeurs know how to make a wedding look fabulous.

Go through the wedding shuttle service checklist and book your ride with MIB Transportation well in advance.