Sporting Events and Closing the Big Deal: Mixing Business with Pleasure

Feb 26, 2019 | Limousino, San Diego Bus Charter Service, San Diego Limo Service

When you are an important part of a business team, you may spend a lot of your time traveling. You may be sent to offices in neighboring states or spend some time in other countries. You may end up in some interesting places and wish for some sightseeing time. Business trips, however, are often filled with back-to-back meetings, presentations, and business dinners. You can often plan ahead, however, for a little time to yourself.

Seasonal Events

There are some special events that only happen during certain seasons. Mardi Gras, for example, is a famous event held mainly in New Orleans, Louisiana early in the year. If you know you are traveling there during the two weeks of festivities, you can easily find a parade during your hours off work. Research the area you are traveling to so you can find out about special festival or community events. This can be especially interesting if you are in another country. They may have some excellent cultural events going on. If you are interested in sports, traveling during football season may bring you to a city where your favorite team is playing, as well. Try to find out what is going on in town before you arrive.

Change your Arrival or Departure

Business meetings normally take place on the weekdays. If there is something special that you want to do, consider changing your arrival or departure date. Check with your company to see if your flight is still paid for if you change the date. If you are driving yourself to the location, it is easy to leave at your leisure. You can go the weekend before or stay after a long week to enjoy the sights of a famous city. You may have to pay for the extra night in the hotel and food for the day, however, this is not much compared to the price of an entire trip. If you want to add a little luxury, consider a San Diego limousine as a transportation option.

Look for Opportunities

You may not be able to get away for an entire day of sightseeing, however, no one is forcing you to eat lunch at the office. Get up early and visit a local coffee shop for breakfast and run to a museum on your lunch hour. Evenings can be spent enjoying local cuisine or a play. If you enjoy the outdoors, early mornings can be the perfect time for a nature hike or bike ride. You simply must use your time wisely when you are not expected to be at the office.

Also, leave on-time at the end of the day. Excuse yourself when the workday is over instead of sitting around the office talking. You can also invite your coworkers to explore the town with you. Your business partners that live in the area may even have some great suggestions for things to see. Check to see where the employee shuttle San Diego can take you. Even if they only take you to meetings and restaurants, you may be able to choose an interesting local place to eat.

You can often find more free time on a business trip than you expect. Your company may send you the day before a big meeting. Don’t waste this extra time. Prepare yourself for the trip by looking up tourist activities or special interests before you leave home. Our car service can help you get where you need to go in a timely manner. Hire a personal chauffeur to take you around town for an evening. We can also get you somewhere fast on your lunch hour. Our chauffeurs are properly trained to give you luxurious treatment and are familiar with different traffic norms and popular sights.