Tips for Renting a Mini Bus in San Diego: What to Consider Before Making a Reservation

Sep 13, 2023 | San Diego Mini Buses

San Diego ranks 19th in the U.S. for roadway congestion. On average, drivers in the city spend 32 hours sitting in traffic annually. Sitting in the wrong vehicle during that time can make things even worse.

Therefore, if you’re renting a mini bus in San Diego for an event, you need to pick your vehicle carefully. There are also many other things you need to consider when you’re using mini business rental services. Read on to learn more!

Book Far in Advance

Are your weather preferences like most people’s (i.e., sunny and warm)? If so, your event party will likely be far from the only one out on the road when you go. This can pose a huge problem if you book a bus only a few weeks before an event.

Event transportation services can book up fast during the months when most people want to be out and about. Even during the slower seasons, you could end up with a poorer-quality bus or be completely out of luck. It’s even less likely that you’ll get a bus that’s fit for a disabled guest if you reserve a bus late.

San Diego Mini Bus Rental Info

You need to book your San Diego group transport solution as far in advance as possible. As soon as you finalize your event plans, get the event transportation company on the phone to start the process of renting a mini bus in San Diego.

Learn About Refund Policies

Because you need to book so far in advance when renting a mini bus in San Diego, it’s easy to make mistakes. You may book on the wrong date, for an event that gets canceled, etc. If you realize this occurred, you may be able to get a refund of an initial deposit.

However, many event transportation companies have refund cut-off dates. If you try to get a refund after this date, you won’t be able to.

Make sure that you learn what the company’s refund cutoff date is. Then check your event and bus rental details right before it. If something is wrong, cancel or change the bus rental right away.

Find Out About Extra Fees

When you contact an event transportation company, they’ll ask for the details of your trip. After you provide this, they should give you a free price quote. This should give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for the company’s services when renting a mini bus in San Diego.

However, some companies charge extra fees on top of their initial price quote. These extra charges can include taxes, surcharges, and bus insurance costs. You may also need to cover road tolls, parking passes, and lodging for your driver.

Don’t get surprised by any extra charges that show up on your bill. Ask what the price quote does and doesn’t include ahead of time. You can then prepare for any of the coming charges.

Think About Your Number of Guests

Is a mini bus the best choice for your event? You may have too many guests in your group for a mini bus. It may be a better idea for you to get a larger vehicle instead.

Our largest mini-bus can only seat up to 28 people. If you have a party that’s larger than this, you should get one of our passenger buses instead. They can fit upper to 57 people.

Count the number of people that will be at your event. If there’s not too much of a price gap, you may want to consider getting a bus with a few extra seats. Sometimes people who don’t RSVP will show up anyway.

Ask About Mini Bus Features

You and/or guests might expect your mini bus to have features that it ends up not having. To prevent any disappointment on the day of the event, make sure that you know what features the minibus you’re getting will have when you start the process of renting a mini bus in San Diego. You can ask your reservation representative for all of the details.

This is also important to know so your guests can prepare accordingly. For example, if your mini bus doesn’t have Wi-Fi, your guests may need to bring along other forms of entertainment. If the bus doesn’t have climate control, your guests will need to find other ways to cool themselves.

Read the Terms of Agreement

The company you rent your mini bus from should have some restrictions on how you can use their buses. For example, you may only be able to park the bus in certain areas. Some companies also forbid you from taking their vehicles across borders.

Not following these restrictions can lead to the company fining you. You need to read all of the company’s terms of agreement and make sure you understand them before renting a mini bus in San Diego. Ask customer service about anything you don’t understand.

Consider ADA Compliant Buses

Does one of the guests in your event party have a disability? If so, you need to make sure you mention this to the company’s customer service before renting a mini bus in San Diego. Not all buses have Americans with Disability Act (ADA) features.

ADA Compliant Mini Bus Rental

These can include wheelchair lifts, specialized seats, and/or widened aisles. Make sure you’re as specific as possible when it comes to talking about your party’s needs. The company should do their best to accommodate you as you go through the steps of renting a mini bus in San Diego.

Talk With Your Group

It would be quite an uneventful event if all of your guests failed to show up on time. Once you’re done booking your trip, make sure you contact everyone who plans on going. Let them know about the exact departure time and place.

A good way to remember everyone when renting a mini bus in San Diego is to make a checklist with contact numbers or email. Every time that you contact a guest, you can cross them off the list.

Try Renting a Mini Bus in San Diego With Us

Now that you know all you need to know about renting a mini bus in San Diego, you can have a worry-free event! Just follow the steps and get the necessary information mentioned above before hiring an event transportation service.

When you’re ready, consider hiring us at MIB Transportation for your vehicle rental needs. With us, you can expect a safe, reliable, and professional transportation service. Get a free price quote by filling out the form available on this page.