Tips on Choosing the right Limo Service.

Feb 14, 2017 | Limousino

When it comes to choosing the right luxury transportation services I always make sure I do my homework to choose what is best for me. I personally love companies who give off a genuine vibe rather than a business one keeping things professional yet letting me know hey we got your back.

  1. I call various companies and ask about their amenities seeing if this service fits my need’s or not, being a business professional I prefer comfort on a sophisticated level, and for last minute transitions to be as smooth as possible. I already do enough thinking when it comes to working and would like my travel needs to be one less stress on my mind trusting they have my back once booked.
  1. View how many years in the business they have under their belt, being in the limo service there is a level of professionalism we all expect and experience is key. I believe business experience can tell a lot about a company because that tell me they know what they are doing. If you do happen to choose a new limo service I would suggest seeing how experienced their drivers are.
  1. Check out the options they have with their fleet. Whether it’s a party for one or a party of fifty just because you find a great review on a limo service does not mean they can accommodate your need’s not every company is the same.
  1.  Ask about all-inclusive rates, when it comes to transportation we get a little frustrated when we hear one rate and get charged an extra 25% added on top of our bill due to surcharges although surcharges are necessary for this industry it’s nice to get a break occasionally, especially if we are ongoing clients with a specific company. Loyalty is major.
  1. Ask a friend! Word of mouth is always the most reliable way to make sure you are choosing the best. A review from a friend is more rewarding than anything online.
  1.    Ask about their insurance policy and safety requirements. Safety is number one when it comes to finding the right limo service, with many companies out now who do not get their cars DOT inspected and DPU approved, hire drivers with records and no designated chauffeur service license, and does not have valid credentials to make sure you are top priority, then I think it’s safe to say they may not be the right ones for you. Make sure you find a trusted limo service with an amazing safety and insurance policy.

By: Stephanie Gresham