Wedding Transportation: Top Tips from the Experts

Jan 30, 2019 | Limousino, San Diego Limo Service

Wedding day plans take several months to complete. It is necessary to start extra early on items that require reservations. Transportation is one of these things. Many people have a specific vehicle in mind when they envision their wedding day. Limousines are incredibly popular and adorn the pages of many bridal magazines. Modern weddings, however, use a variety of vehicles to take care of the wedding day travels. You can also choose things like SUVs and party buses. There are a few key things to consider when planning your wedding day transportation.

Make the Decision

Before you make reservations with a San Diego car service, you must plan a few major parts of your wedding. Decide if your wedding is going to be formal or casual. For a formal event, a San Diego limousine is the perfect addition. You also need to decide who needs transportation and how many stops need to be made. Some people simply use the car service to make a dramatic departure. Others prefer a chauffeur for the entire day. This may include stops for the bridal party to have their hair and nails done. A car service may be necessary the night before the wedding for bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well.

If you would like to have guests from out of town or parents of the couple driven to the wedding, you can hire more than one chauffeur. If you need to get people from the hotel and to the wedding and reception, an all-day rental is often the best choice. Speak with a reservation specialist to find out what is available and how they usually handle wedding days. They work with special events daily. They often have excellent advice on how to handle complex wedding day transportation.

Extra Space and Time

It is best to overestimate when you order your vehicle. You may end up with more people in the car than you realize. You may also use it longer than you expect, as well. A simple wedding departure can turn into a romantic night out a newly married couple. You may also want to have a few friends join you for the ride from the wedding to the reception. it can be hard to say no when your cute little niece or nephew asks for a ride in the cool limo, for example.

If you have several destinations planned, the daily price is often better per hour than the hourly price. You can always return it early or let others enjoy part of the time you paid for. Be sure to allow time for photos, as well. Most people take a few with as they leave the wedding and some staged ones before.


You need to schedule ahead of time to get your preferred car and times, however, the budget needs to be set. It can be good to work with a planner or make a detailed list of price estimates for everything you want at the wedding. This can give you an idea of what you have for the transportation. If you are working with a planner, you may get better prices since they form relationships with many retailers. You can reserve for the day and make changes later, if necessary. A cancellation or change of reservation fee is often better than finding out at the last minute that your dream limo is already taken.

Wedding transportation plans often end up more detailed than most people expect. This is especially relevant when you have people coming from out of town. They may be depending on you to supply reliable rides to all the wedding day festivities, including the bachelor/ bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner. Our car service can help you plan your day perfectly. We think of every detail, so everyone is covered. Our courteous chauffeurs are great at making everyone involved feel special. There is also no need to worry about people arriving late or getting lost in a strange town. Our staff is familiar with many city locations and traffic habits. Use our service for a stress-free wedding day.