Why Our World Would End If Charter Buses Disappeared?

Sep 18, 2019 | San Diego Bus Charter Service

Why do over 600 million passenger trips in the US and Canada travel on motorcoaches each year?

Because a transportation fail feels like the end of the world. Need proof?

Imagine your wedding party stuck in traffic instead of walking down the aisle. After your delayed ceremony, they’re late to the reception.

How about work-related issues? A company-wide summit you planned for months can’t begin because no one can find the venue. Your CEO is not happy.

Put me in, coach — the starting pitcher isn’t here. Your baseball team forfeits the big game when they arrived 30 minutes late.

Girls want to have fun, right? But, your girls weekend wine tour ends after two stops. No one is sober enough to drive 50 miles back to the city.

You can avoid potential disasters with charter buses. Let’s dig into the details.

Why You Need Charter Buses In Your Life

If you’re planning an important trip for a group you need reliable transportation. Want employees at a work retreat or family members at a reunion? Charter a bus.

When you rent a charter, everyone arrives on time at the right location. Transportation becomes a fun part of the event.

A charter bus driven by a professional driver removes a lot of stress. It makes travel cost-effective and flexible.

Let’s review all the benefits of this efficient mode of transportation.

Charter Buses are Eco-Conscious

Did you know traveling on a charter bus helps the environment?

Charter buses average 206 passenger miles per gallon. Compare that to the average car which gets 27 passenger miles per gallon. A hybrid gets 46 passenger miles per gallon.

For the record, a commercial airplane averages 78 passenger miles per gallon.

Consumers buy products and cars that reduce their impact on the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint by renting a charter bus and getting extra cars off the road.

Fun fact: charter buses are better at reducing CO2 than a commuter railway. They’re six times more efficient than a traditional transit bus.

Instead of everyone driving to a destination, hire a bus. It lowers each driver’s fuel bill, cuts pollution in the air, and reduces traffic congestion. That’s a win-win-win.

Fewer vehicles on the road are always the greenest option.

Affordable Way for a Group to Travel

If you don’t want to break the bank, hire a charter bus to move your group. Lots of people assume a motor coach is more expensive than it is.

Charter buses cost less than airline and train tickets. In most cases, charter buses costs less than gas and parking fees.

A charter bus provides everything a quality flight has without fear of flying. If you want the best price, follow these 7 tips when requesting quotes.

1. Be Clear About Distance and Duration

Give accurate information on pickup and drop off times. Depending on your trip, the bus rents by the hour, day or mileage.

Multi-day trips and long-distance travel bill by the day or mileage. Trips inside a city rent by the hour. If you need local transportation for several days for a conference, expect a daily rate.

2. Don’t Change Your Itinerary

Avoid changing plans at the last minute. If you add unscheduled side trips expect charges for extra mileage.

3. Consider Seasonal Rates

Charter rates go up and down depending on the time of year. Buses are in demand when school is in session.

April, May, and June are more expensive due to graduations, school trips, and weddings.

When demand is lower in January, February, and July you can negotiate a better price. Book your trip far in advance for the best rates possible.

4. Factor in the Starting City

Cities with fewer charter bus companies charge more. It’s all about supply and demand.

Another thing to consider is if the charter company is in a different city from where you’ll get picked up. If the bus travels to you it costs more.

The charge for driving a bus with no passengers is a deadhead. Reduce your cost by renting a charter in the city where passengers board.

5. Route Fees

Are you traveling on toll roads? Are there charges for parking permits? Figure in any fees related to the route you’re traveling.

Contact hotels and other venues about motorcoach parking before your trip. Some facilities have designated bus parking.

6. Driver Schedules, Accommodations, and Gratuity

Bus drivers must take an 8-hour break after they drive 10 consecutive hours. If your trip is longer than 10 hours, you’ll need another driver.

A second driver costs more but keeps your group safe on the road.

Factor in the cost of the hotel stays if you’re planning an overnight trip. Many hotels offer discounts for the driver when booked with a group reservation.

If the quote for your trip doesn’t include a gratuity for the driver, add it to your budget. The recommended amount for a tip is 10 to 10% of the rental cost. It’s best to give the driver a cash tip at the end of the trip.

7. Reserve the Right Size Bus for Your Group

You’ll get the best deal if you fill as many seats as you can on the bus. Each passenger reduces the cost per person.

If your group is smaller than 35 people, consider a minibus. You’ll have less storage space and no restroom, but the cost is lower. A minibus is a good choice for a short trip.

Before you book your trip, research the different types of charter buses available. A party bus has seats around the edge of the bus with room in the center for dancing.

An entertainer or tour bus holds 8-12 passengers. It includes a kitchen, restroom, master suite, lounge, TVs and more. The amenities increase the cost of the bus rental.

Rental Payment

Every charter rental requires a deposit. Many want full payment before the trip.

The contract includes a payment schedule and cancellation policy. The deposit is often a percentage of your total bill.

Once you understand which factors affect the price you’re ready to get quotes for your trip.

Next, let’s examine why charter buses are of good value.

Spacious and Comfortable

Wedding planners, professionals, and consumers choose charter bus transportation because of comfort. There’s room to breathe and walk about in air-conditioned comfort.

You’re never stuck in the middle seat between a crying baby and a stranger. That makes a charter bus is better than a commercial airline.

In motorcoaches, every seat is a window or aisle seat. They’re ergonomic and have plush upholstery. There’s plenty of room to stretch your legs.

You don’t have to stay in your seat until the seatbelt light goes off. Head to the restroom or visit with friends. Walk up and down the aisle without concern about turbulence.

A charter bus is spacious. Everyone fits, and so do their bags.

Feel Free to Use Your Devices

Go ahead and text, email, swipe, and download. Take photos and post them to social media. There aren’t any restrictions on smartphone or tablet use during the trip.

Most charter buses have outlets, USB ports, and WiFi. You can plug in your devices as needed.

Keep Your Shoes On While Boarding

Nope. No TSA when you get on the bus. No pat-downs or scans. You can keep your shoes on and bring your snacks.

Carry the number of suitcases you need for the trip. There are no extra fees. Your bag travels with you so there’s no risk of it going to another city.

Hands-Free Travel

You don’t have to hail a cab or consult Google maps. Forget about filling the tank or checking your travel time. Once you board the charter bus your travel worries are over.

The professional driver transports you to your destination while you relax. Go ahead, take a nap.

Charter Bus Safety

A charter bus has limited access. Unless you’re a designated passenger, you can’t board the bus. Your items are safe and secure whether you’re on or off the bus.

Instead of a drunk uncle, a professional driver takes you from point A to point B.

In the rare case, an accident occurs, you’re safer on a bus. The chances of serious injury or death are much lower than in your car.

Safety includes parking. Buses have designated parking in well-lit parking lots. A charter bus is reliable. The bus company tests and maintains it on a regular schedule.

That means you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Do Stuff While You Travel

If you aren’t driving you can do other things. Practice a presentation, visit with family, or make sure your bridal party looks good.

Use the bus as a mobile conference room. Plan with coworkers. Review details for an event or practice a speech.

Visit with friends or enjoy the scenery. Watch a movie, take a nap, or read up on historic sites. One of the best parts of traveling by charter bus is you can do so much more than drive.

Arrive On Time and Together

When you charter a bus you know your bridal party, team, department, and friends are together. No one gets lost.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a group of second graders going to a museum or a bridal party headed to the church. Arriving together and on time is a huge advantage to traveling by bus.

Another benefit of group travel is delivering last-minute updates and announcements. This is crucial for business meetings when attendees need to be on the same page.


When you rent a charter bus you travel according to your schedule. You don’t have to coordinate flights. You stop, go, and stay when you want.

Coach buses are flexible. They can travel and explore in more ways planes and trains. Plus, they’re more cost-efficient than individual cars.

Almost 20% of commercial flights are late every day. That won’t happen with a charter coach unless you choose to delay your travel.

You’ll travel on the same coach for the entire trip. It’s ready and waiting for you at each stage of travel. If there are traffic issues, you’ll be there to see them first-hand.

Need More Reasons To Charter a Bus?

Let’s look at a few more situations when renting a bus can makes life easier.

Build Business Relationships

Traveling by charter is a way to build relationships among employees and clients. A chartered bus is less expensive than flying everyone to a destination.

Get the Family Together

Provide safe, reliable transportation so relatives can take part in a family reunion. Charter a bus for a landmark birthday, anniversary or annual gathering.


Every school organization benefits from organized travel. Get everyone together for a performance, game or event. Charter buses work for athletic teams, theater groups, and classroom excursions.

Church and Nonprofit Organizations

Take the youth group on a field trip, or organize a group picnic to thank volunteers. Charter buses serve youth groups, nonprofits, and community organizations.

Senior Clubs

Charter buses serve senior groups who go on special trips. Take your group to the casino or outlet mall using reliable, comfortable transportation.

Sports Team and Their Fans

Book a bus for your sports team and all their fans. Parents, friends, and fellow students enjoy riding to a game together.

Players can rest and relax before and after the main event. Parents and friends can cheer and support the team while you travel. Everyone arrives safe and on time.

Turn Any Trip into Your Best Day Ever

Charter a bus whether you need to get your peeps to a party or serious occasion. The best way to move a lot of people from one place to another is with charter buses.

Remove the stress and have the best day ever by renting a coach with a professional driver. Everyone on the trip enjoys getting to the destination.

You’ll stay in budget and reduce emissions while enjoying each other’s company.

If you have a large group you want to arrive on time and together, book a charter bus to avoid the end of your world.