10 Tips for a Safe and Fun Prom

Mar 7, 2019 | Limousino, San Diego Limo Service

Prom night is a big deal for teens finishing up their senior year. It is a well-deserved night out after four years of studying. It is often the first outing that may take place at a formal venue. It is an opportunity to behave like young men and women. This involves more responsibility, but also a few more privileges. The night may begin with a limo ride and dinner with friends. This gives teens plenty of time to enjoy their formal wear and take pictures. Check out these 10 tips to make your prom both safe and fun.

1. Stop for Photos

Take the time to get pictures at each location. You may want to take some at the meeting place before the limo or car service picks up your group. Plan a stop with the limousine company for taking pictures in a scenic area, such as a park. This is a great first stop while the ladies have fresh hair and makeup and the gentlemen’s clothes are finely pressed.

2. Make Reservations Early

It can be harder to find everything you need at the last minute. Start early to get everything you need. Boys need to get fitted for a tuxedo rental, while girls need to pick a dress and schedule alterations. Popular restaurants may also run out of tables. Reserve a space for your group before the rush begins. Our San Diego Limousine rentals may also be in high demand. When you sign up early, there may be more vehicles to choose from.

3. A Safe Ride

Sometimes, teens decide to drive themselves to prom. This is a night full of excitement and the venue may be crowded. Sometimes teens make poor decisions, such as drinking. A chauffeur is a reliable driver that is trained to keep everyone safe. A San Diego limousine service can provide a safe and luxurious service.

4. Write Down your Schedule

If there is an emergency, parents need to know where you are throughout the evening. Write down the different places you are going in the correct order. Put it somewhere they can easily access it. Addresses and phone numbers of the restaurant and venue can be helpful.

5. Proper Attire

Prom is a formal event. Desired styles have changed a lot over the years. While you may not need a full ballgown to look appropriate, you should check into modern formal styles.

6. Check the Rules

Both the school and the venue are likely to have rules you must follow on the night of the dance. The school may hand out a copy of the rules before prom or make them available online. These rules may involve attire, behavior, and parking instructions.

7. Avoid Alcohol

It seems like there is always someone that chooses to sneak in some alcohol. Most prom guests are under the drinking age. Stay away from alcohol and people that are drinking. Alcohol use can result in a police report, loss of graduation privileges, and injury.

8. Relax

There is so much excitement leading up to the big night that it can be difficult to relax and enjoy. You may miss out some great memories trying to make sure everything is perfect. Remember to enjoy the tasty catered food instead of worrying about your lipstick. If you like to dance, stop worrying about your hair and get out on the dance floor and let it fall. Focus on making memories, not perfection.

9. Stay Together

Choose a buddy to stay with throughout the night when you go to the bathroom or parking lot. Even if you simply need to step outside for some fresh air, it is much safer to go in pairs or larger groups. You may be downtown in a busy area of town or in a very large hotel. There are sure to be other people around that do not belong to your school.

10. Help Out

You can get involved before the prom to make sure it is as fun as possible. Join the prom committee or take the time to vote when things are suggested. The prom committee often sends out surveys to get an idea of what the student body likes. For example, they may decide on a few themes and ask students to pick their favorite. Prom committee may play a part in set-up, purchases, and fundraisers.

Prom is one of the most fun events of the senior year. It can be much easier to enjoy the evening when you prepare properly. Choose one of our beautiful limos to take you to dinner and the dance. A chauffeur is a safe and reliable option that also looks great in your prom night pictures.