6 Romantic Ways of Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary

Jan 23, 2018 | San Diego Limo Service

It doesn’t matter how long you have been married, two, ten, or thirty years, your wedding anniversary is significant. As such, a lot of time should go into planning it to perfection. It’s a way of appreciating the time you have spent together as a couple. That’s not all, it is also a way of influencing other couples around you.

For these reasons, it is essential for you to plan a great anniversary party. Complicated as it may sound, we have outlined tips that’ll make it easier for you. Let’s jump right in.

Steps of Planning a Wedding Anniversary

Here are the six steps to take towards planning a romantic wedding anniversary.

Pick a Date and Location

The first step towards planning the perfect anniversary party is picking a date and time. The date you set doesn’t have to be the exact anniversary date, but it should be very close. However, this must be done months in advance to ensure ample time for planning.

If you intend to have a formal event, consider sending the invitation four to five months in advance. This ensures that your loved ones from out of town can arrange their travels and lodging ahead, too. When setting a date and time, you must consult each other to find a schedule that works. Also, don’t forget to include your children in the planning process.

The location you pick depends mainly on how formal you want your special event to be, including the number of guests you are expecting. If it’s a small get together, consider using your home or a restaurant’s private room. However, if it’s a large formal gathering, renting a venue space would be appropriate.

Your Anniversary Theme

The theme should reflect your ideal as a couple. If you are planning a formal event, it should be color based. This ensures elegance and cohesiveness. A rustic outdoor event is appropriate for a casual anniversary party.

Consider building your theme around your wedding anniversary symbol. For example, the symbol and color for 25th wedding anniversary is silver. You can plan your party around this.

Send Out the Invites

After compiling your guest list, the next step is to send out your anniversary party invitations. Don’t forget to send it out months in advance if you are planning a formal party. Also, include the deadline for RSVP on your invitation.

That way, you’ll be able to create a budget based on the number of guests you are expecting. You’ll know the type of venue you need, and the quantity of food and drinks to purchase.

Speaking of Refreshments

It is vital for you to make your guests happy. One of the ways of doing this is providing the refreshment. It should be easier to plan when you know the number of guests you are expecting. If the crowd is not significant, consider cooking and serving buffet style.

However, if you are hosting a crowd, use the service of a caterer. It will reduce the stress of providing refreshments. Just make sure there are varieties to pick from. There should be appetizers, non-alcoholic beverages, vegetarian diet, and cocktails.

Don’t forget to bake a themed anniversary cake.

Decoration and Entertainment

Decorations and entertainment are just what you need to give your anniversary party a spark. The decorations should be based on your anniversary theme and should have a personal touch. It must be unique.

For entertainment, hire a DJ or a favorite band. Don’t wait until last minute to do the booking, do it months in advance.

Keep the Memories

Retain the memories by booking a photographer. This ensures the wedding anniversary is well documented and captures critical moments between you and your partner. Of course, you must book the photographer in advance.

On a Final Note

It is imperative to start planning your anniversary party on time. Starting early ensures that you don’t get overwhelmed. Another way of reducing the stress is dividing the work among family members.

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