Hotels Vs. Airbnb For Business Travel

Mar 19, 2019 | Limousino, San Diego Bus Charter Service, San Diego Limo Service

Travel for business is often unavoidable. Specialists in a company may need to collaborate with professionals in another office or a special project may be a group effort. Conventions are also a common occurrence for many professional groups. Since the company must pay for travel expenses and accommodations, they usually choose mainstream hotels and transportation. When large groups need to be taken care of, hotels have plenty of rooms and may offer group rates. With the growing popularity of Airbnb, however, it can be easy to find a customized housing option for your trip. Business travel must be handled a bit differently than a personal vacation. Here’s a little information on how both hotels and Airbnb work for business trips.


When a business trip is planned, the accommodation is very important. The hotel must have certain amenities to handle a professional traveler. It is necessary to have internet access so that work can be done. It also helps to have breakfast available so everyone can eat quickly before heading to the office. Many hotels also have suites with living room areas and kitchens. This allows for coworkers to have some private meals and meetings. Group rates may also be available when several team members are traveling together. Hotels are easy to record on the company expense list.

An Airbnb offers a customizable experience. You can even get a house big enough for everyone to stay in. Much like a hotel, this offers a separate room for everyone, with common areas for eating and socializing. If there are several big events going on in a city, hotels may also be full. An Airbnb may be easier to find. It may be more difficult to justify expenses, however, with an Airbnb. There may be grocery shopping involved to use the kitchen, making it more tedious to add meal expenses to the company tab. Hotels are purposely built close to downtown work areas, an Airbnb may be difficult to find in the correct area. This can run up transportation costs, as well.


Transportation costs are a normal part of business travel. You can hire a San Diego bus charter to drive team members to the destination that is only a few hours away. If everyone is flying, a San Diego car service can help get the entire group from the airport to the hotel. If Airbnb is used, a car service may be necessary every day to get to the office on time. Sometimes you must make a reservation out of the main part of the city to find what you want. You must decide it is worth the extra transportation cost to stay at an Airbnb. They may not be near public transportation lines, either.

Last Minute Travel

Sometimes there is an emergency the requires a team member to travel at the last minute. This can be stressful when you must reserve a flight, hotel, or rental car. Hotels may fill up quickly during busy work weeks. Hotel prices often change depending on the day of the week and the demand for rooms. You may be able to find an Airbnb that has more stable pricing. Since most Airbnb spaces consist of apartments or homes, you may not need to be near a lot of restaurants. You can cook in the kitchen. If you are traveling last minute, you may be able to find an Airbnb with the amenities you prefer. These often have more than one bedroom, so you can easily accommodate an entire group in one place, as well.

Travel is not usually complicated when it comes to business trips. The company usually reserves the car rental or airfare and sets up the hotel stay. You may be required to turn in receipts for food when you return. Airbnb accommodations are becoming more popular for personal travel can be an asset if you have special preferences or if the city is full for a big event. Our car service can help you get to the office every morning from your hotel or Airbnb. Keep your business trips organized with help from one of our reliable chauffeurs.