This Is How to Plan a Trip to the San Diego Zoo

Apr 21, 2023 | San Diego Activities

How to Plan a Trip to the San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo began in 1916 with an organizational meeting between physician Dr. Harry Wegeforth and his associates. It has since become the most visited zoo in the United States.

In addition, many travelers have claimed it to be one of the best zoos in the world. This is likely because it has one of the biggest collections of rare and exotic animals in the world. Tourists are also impressed by the numerous amount of activities they can participate in every day.

Do you want to visit this world-renowned zoo? If so, you probably don’t want to go there without a plan. There are far too many ways that things can go wrong. Read on to learn how to plan a trip to the San Diego Zoo with these travel tips.

Flamingos in the San Diego Zoo

Plan Around Activities

No two days at the zoo are the same. Many special San Diego Zoo activities only happen on certain days. Look at the schedule and make sure you visit when your favorite activity occurs.

Leave Fido at Home

Unless your dog is a trained guide dog, it’s not allowed in the park. The zoo also doesn’t have a kennel service. Make sure you leave Spot, Fluffy, etc., at home or with a pet boarding service.

Wear Walking Shoes

The San Diego Zoo is full of hills. Even if you use the tram, bus, and elevator, you probably won’t avoid having to walk uphill at least a few times. So comfortable walking shoes are a must.

Carry a Light Load

Since you’ll be walking around a lot, you shouldn’t carry heavy loads. Make sure to pack light. If you can’t, you can store your unneeded possessions in lockers. The stroller rental counter can also store your items if the lockers are out of order.

Panda at the San Diego Zoo

Use the Volunteers

Have you gotten lost? If so, look for the zoo’s volunteers. They are wearing red shirts, and you should be able to find them throughout the park. You can also ask them for information about some of the various animals.

Visit on a Weekday

As long as it isn’t summer, you should meet far smaller crowds on weekdays. You may meet large groups of schoolchildren, but they shouldn’t take up too much space.

Don’t Lose Your Car

The San Diego Zoo has a massive parking lot. It’s easy for you to forget where you parked your car. You could then end up wandering around while feeling exhausted from your zoo trip.

Avoid this confusion by taking a picture of the nearest parking lot sign. You can also write down which animal you see on the sign. Each sign has a unique animal on it, such as a koala, flamingo, monkey, etc.

Beat the Heat

You’ll probably be far more comfortable if you visit the zoo on a day when the temperature is mild. The San Diego sun can be very punishing. You may feel more comfortable if you visit in the spring, fall, or winter rather than the summer – this is important to keep in mind when learning how to plan a trip to the San Diego zoo.

If you can’t avoid the heat, make sure you protect yourself from it. Pack fans, lots of water, etc., before you go to the zoo. You should also stick to the shadier parts of the zoo while you walk through it.

And remember that sunlight is your enemy as well. Don’t forget to wear brimmed hats and sunscreen.

Dining Tips

Albert’s, the zoo’s fine dining restaurant, doesn’t usually require you to make reservations before you dine there. However, doing this may help you get the best seats. This is especially the case on busy days and for weekend brunches.

You should also make sure to read the menus for any restaurant that you want to visit before you go there. That way, you can quickly choose the meal that you want. But you don’t have to eat in a zoo restaurant if you don’t want to. You’re allowed to bring in lunch for yourself if you wish.

Save Money on Tickets

Another important thing to keep in mind when learning how to plan a trip to the San Diego Zoo, is that it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you expect. Getting discounts on your tickets can be extremely easy when you know where to look.

Are you planning on seeing several San Diego attractions? If so, you can save money on them by buying a Go San Diego pass. You can also get discounts for tickets and upgraded experiences through several other vacation packages.

Elephant Sanctuary at the San Diego Zoo

Arrive When It Opens

Most people don’t arrive at the San Diego Zoo right when it opens. So if you get there before everyone else, you’ll avoid having to peer over everyone else’s heads. You can also avoid long lines for the 35-min bus tours.

Plus, you’ll have a lot more time to spend if you arrive when the zoo opens. It usually opens at 9 am and closes at 7 pm. So you can have a full ten hours to enjoy everything that you want to see and do, which is important when learning how to plan a trip.

Download the App

Yes, there’s a San Diego Zoo app, and it’s incredibly handy when you are learning how to plan a trip to the San Diego zoo. You can easily look up important information such as operating hours and admission prices.

But that’s not all! The zoo’s app can also help you with planning a trip. You can find your favorite animals and save them in the planner section of the app. The app will show you the location of each animal’s exhibit. You can then use this information to plan your ideal route around the zoo.

How to Plan a Trip With Us

Once you’re done planning a trip, make sure that you leave some room to relax and have fun. With so many things to do and see, it’s impossible to get bored. Have fun!

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