The Top 10 Group Travel Planning Disasters and How to Laugh Them Off

Oct 26, 2023 | Activities

Travel plans can be a lot to organize, yet more than 95% of adults claim that an upcoming trip will make them happier.

Once you start looking forward to the event, you will receive positive benefits. Vacations can give people a psychological boost, especially when they’re feeling burnt out or depressed. Whether you want to plan something shortly or in upcoming years, now is the start to prepare.

Group Travel Planning Disasters

Travel planning and picking a location can become messy when multiple people are involved. Keep reading to learn about disasters others have lived through so you can enjoy your trip!

1. Organizing Separate Transportation

Travel planning tips recommend that you reserve transportation and lodging for the entire group at the same time.

Booking flights, hotels, and transportation can get messy if everyone is arriving at different times. Unless the group is coming from different states, traveling together will be the most practical. You can save money and time, along with keeping the party going with our transportation services!

2. Disagreeing on a Location

One of the worst travel planning disasters that occurs with a group of people is conflicting ideas.

Each person has unique interests and needs for traveling. Whether you’re with family or friends, everyone needs to agree on a location so no one bails or shows up at the wrong place. Take a poll or talk it over with your friends while you have a drink and start planning the festivities.

If you’re in the San Diego area, our team can help you get to and from your activities and hotel. Make sure you are confident with your travel options by viewing our fleet of vehicles!

3. Leaving Someone Behind

The movie “Home Alone” is memorable to people around the holidays and vacation travel planning.

This classic dives into a story about a boy who gets left behind, and many parents fear they will make the same error. However, if someone gets left behind in the chaos, you can contact our team to resolve the issue and help them arrive safely.

Don’t be surprised if you hear scenes from the movie playing on your friend and family member’s phone. Once you know the person is in a safe location, laugh it off and embrace the movie parallels.

4. Communicating Through Different Platforms

Have you ever wondered how everyone can get on the same page with an event, yet you are clueless?

It’s not that you’re careless, it’s often due to communication problems when travel planning. When a large group is traveling together, they need to have access to the same information to understand the plan. You can use text chains, messengers, or emails to record the details and ensure everyone knows what’s going on.

Communicating When Traveling

Using different platforms and talking to people at different times could result in major setbacks. Keep your party going with a single chat so the trip doesn’t get messy or lead to confusion. For those who still overlook the info, you can all joke about it as a group with memes and gifs.

5. Renting Small Vehicles

When travel planning, you’ll find that rentals are hard to come across and some people are stuck with options that don’t suit their needs.

Instead of piling into a car like a group of clowns, you can rent a vehicle from our fleet. MIB Transportation can handle small and large groups with a diverse selection of vehicles. You and your group can travel in style without getting closer on a physical level.

6. Getting Lost in Unfamiliar Areas

Imagine this- It’s 10 pm and you and your group are supposed to be clubbing in San Diego but you have no idea where you are.

Getting Lost While Traveling

This problem comes up far more often than people like to admit when travel planning. A simple turn in the wrong direction can ruin a trip and increase stress, rather than result in relaxation. To avoid getting lost, hire our team for transportation so you don’t have to worry about directions and driving.

7. Going Separate Ways

No matter how close your group of travel buddies are, people are bound to split up.

Different interests make it challenging for everyone to stay together. When you make travel plans, you must account for these different directions.

Our services can prevent you from being stuck in an activity that you want nothing to do with. Instead of counting down the minutes until it’s over, you can keep the party going somewhere else!

8. Personality Problems

Travel planning services can manage a lot, but they can’t resolve clashes within a group.

You can avoid turning your trip into a new episode of “Jersey Shore” by riding in separate vehicles. Designating roles and smaller groups will be your best way to prevent drama and make the most of the trip. If all else fails, grab a drink and popcorn for the front seat!

9. Lack of Plans

There are normally two types of travel planners: ones that book every minute and others that roll with the punches.

Whether you want to allow flexibility for unexpected events or not, you need to have some activities scheduled. Planning activities at the last minute could be a letdown, especially if you are turned away at the door.

With a large group, people need structure so they can get through the day. Even without home and work responsibilities, everyone needs to know what to expect.

10. Disagreeing on Dates

Work, school schedules, and hobbies make it challenging to plan a group trip.

Everyone is off in different directions and it’s difficult to find a time when the stars align and they are available. If you can’t agree on dates, you may want to consider postponing the trip or adjusting who comes. Don’t let one person hold things back, you can use it as an excuse for your next vacation!

Take Care of Travel Planning & Enjoy the Ride

Managing travel planning can get overwhelming for a group of people.

Everyone is passionate about what they want to do, but they overlook some of the most important details. Instead of arguing over who goes where and when you can get around town with a reliable plan. These travel planning tips can also prevent you from pulling a “Home Alone,” a reputation you’ll never live down.

If you want to avoid these errors and solidify plans, check out our transportation services and book a reservation!