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Chevy Suburban

Passengers 6 Passengers    Luggage 6 Luggage
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The Chevy Suburban is a spacious and powerful SUV that is well-suited for a variety of transportation needs. Whether you require airport transportation, are planning to take your friends on a wine tour, or need special occasion transportation for your birthday or anniversary, this vehicle is perfectly equipped to handle it all. It comfortably seats six passengers and accommodates an equal number of luggage pieces, ensuring everything fits easily for any trip. The Suburban’s robust design and refined interior provide a smooth, comfortable ride, making it an excellent choice for short commutes and longer journeys.


  • Tri-zone automatic climate control, allowing for customizable comfort across different sections of the vehicle.
  • Bose premium stereo system, offering superior sound quality for an enjoyable audio experience.
  • Multimedia options to keep passengers entertained and connected throughout their journey.

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