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Volvo S90 Sedan

Passengers 4 Passengers    Luggage 4 Luggage
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The Volvo S90 offers luxury and practicality, making it an excellent choice for diverse transportation needs, from corporate clients to leisure outings. With seating for up to four passengers and ample space for four pieces of luggage, this vehicle ensures that everyone travels comfortably. The ergonomically designed seats provide superior comfort and support, which is particularly beneficial during longer journeys. The front seats are highly adjustable, allowing drivers and passengers to find their optimal seating positions easily. The vehicle’s versatility is enhanced with a rear seat that can be individually folded into the cargo compartment floor, accommodating additional passengers and luggage without compromising safety or comfort.


  • Ergonomic seating for four passengers, offering enhanced comfort and adjustable positions.
  • Spacious trunk capacity suitable for four pieces of luggage, ideal for airport transfers and extended trips.
  • Foldable rear seats that increase the flexibility of cargo and passenger space, perfect for varying transportation needs such as casino trips or brewery tours

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